My name is Steve Glover and Salt City Fotoworks is what I call my hobby and my business. I chose the name Salt City based on the history of salt production in this part of Southern Illinois, namely Equality, which is located in Gallatin County.

Equality was known for it's production of salt many years ago. French settlers extracted salt near Equality as early as 1735, while Native Americans made salt here long before then. In 1803, the American Indians ceded their "Great Salt Springs" to the US government by treaty. The government then leased the springs, requiring the holder to produce a certain quantity of salt each year or pay a penalty. The salt works is referred to as the "United States Saline" in old documents. The Great Salt Springs are located southeast of Equality, on federal land along the south bank of the Saline River, seven-tenths of a mile west of Illinois Route 1 on Salt Well Road. Half Moon Lick, where the saltworks first developed as a large industry, is on private property southwest of Equality.